About Us

AKASHA - A Sanskrit word for ether or space. Also know as the fifth element; the binding part that runs through all matter and is the collective unconscious of all life-forms. It is the first stage of crystallization of spirit and is the basis & essence of all things in the material world.
"I spent countless of hours and months researching and finding real stones (none of those glass or resin stones). It was important to me to make sure that our stones are of good quality. Amongst those hours I spent a lot of time and a lot of thought that went into everything about this company and it's products, even down to the meaning of the name and the language I chose. I believe in a world where we can call upon nature and elements to assist our bodies in our own healing. To some these may just be pretty water bottles, but there is a science behind it and just like gravity, it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not; it still exists. 
My company is about healing. And we want to provide the best quality of stones and the safest materials that we can to our customers. Every bottle is sent with love and light with the intention that you will receive exactly what you need from it. And the power of intention amplifies what is naturally already there."
Love deeply, laugh often, and live your life to the fullest!!